Festival Of Russian Culture

19-20 September 2015
China. Shanghai.

FEELRUSSIA Festival is a large-scale project that introduces every guest to major artistic trends, achievements and new ambitions of the Russian culture. The main features of the Festival are its multi-genre and exposure.

All the concerts, lectures and exhibitions dedicated to FEELRUSSIA event in China will be held under the slogan "At the Bandwidth of Hearts." We will not only present current Russian cultural phenomena but also will do it in a most solemn way by connecting them to spectacular shows of Chinese artists, dancers and musicians.

About the Festival

The playground of Festival

Children's Theatre of Shanghai, which is also known as the theatre of "great whales", is the lagest center of children's creativity. Every year more than 70.000 people visit theatre.


Alexey Arkhipovsky
Balalaika virtuoso created a different style of play the balalaika, combining authentic, guitar and its original techniques extract audio with a revolutionary innovation — the "electrification" of the instrument
Duo “DoubleMax”
The band “DoubleMax” is a young creative duo which consists of Maxim Gumenyuk (balalaika) and Maxim Bobkov (chromatic accordion)
The classical dance ensemble “Aura”
The ensemble comprises more than 70 trainees aged from 4.5 to 18. In 2011, the ensemble was awarded with the title “The Exemplary Ensemble of Russia”
Alexander Doronin
A classical music concert performed by gifted children
Eric Mirzoyan
Winner of the "Golden Nutcracker" at the XI International Television Competition "The Nutcracker"
Photo exhibition “Beautiful country”
A photo project of the Russian Geographic Society, dedicated to the best natural sights of Russia.


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